About IPST

This biennial event offers a platform for the exchange of scientific and technical information related to electromagnetic transients in electric power systems. Contributors are sought on all topics related to the study of transient phenomena in electric energy systems. This includes, but is not limited to, computer simulations, transient network analyzer studies, and field measurements.

Historical Note

IPST was created with the goal of promoting the study of power system transients by offering a platform of scientific and technical excellence for its presentation. As an open conference, it is intended to be a forum for the scientific community involved in all topics related to the study of transient phenomena in electric energy systems.

IPST is an outgrowth of the European Conference on Power Systems Transients. The first EPST conference, which was hosted by IST of the Technical University of Lisbon, and organized by Professor Maria Teresa Correia de Barros, was held in Lisbon, Portugal during the summer of 1993. That first conference included 39 contributions from 17 countries.

Based largely on the positive response to EPST '93, the conference was then expanded to an international community, and an Steering Committee was formed. This committee maintains continuous responsibility for providing oversight of the process and ensuring coordination of the conference on a two year basis. The committee, which was originally started with 12 persons and co-chaired by Professors Maria Teresa Correia de Barros and Hermann Dommel, is responsible for analyzing proposals, selecting a site, and choosing chairpersons for Local-Organizing and Technical-Program Committees for the next event. These chairpersons then form committees and support staff for organizing and promoting their respective conference.